The proliferation of data sources and connected devices in today’s command and control facilities pose challenges that are both complex and fast-moving. Designing and maintaining a display management system that is both resilient and versatile enough to be able to adapt to future requirements is no easy task.

Designed for native IP network-based command and control display architectures, the S-SF software suite enables network-based display systems to operate more efficiently and with greater scalability. The versatility of native IP command & control visualization networks allow systems to adapt easily to future needs and allows the long-term cost benefits derived from the exceptionally long operating lifetimes of Mitsubishi Electric DLP and LED displays to be fully realized.

The S-SF suite consists of five applications; Display Agent, Multicast Converter, Application Server, S-SF Control and S-SF Master. Together, they create a native IP-based system capable of handling data traffic from any networked source device, such as sensors, image processors, CCTV cameras or data stores, synchronizing and sharing content instantly across any number of locations with minimal latency. S-SF makes it possible to design more efficient, more flexible decision-making environments for more effective command and control room operations.

Using the S-SF architecture, control room video walls no longer require a dedicated display wall processor. Fault tolerance is assured due to the multiple redundancies inherent in the distributed network architecture. If one network node develops a fault, its role is instantly assigned to another node to achieve a completely seamless fail-safe response and guaranteed 24/7, zero-downtime performance. The S-SF system hardware is based on standard, widely-available network components, thereby removing the need to develop and debug proprietary hardware or operating systems. The result is a more reliable, cost-efficient system.















  • Custom View
  • Multiple Wall View
  • Drag and Drop +
  • Languages
  • Controlling
  • Advanced Messaging
  • Status Monitor
  • Mitsubishi Electric Monitor Control
  • S-SF system can collaborate with Active Directory®


The S-SF system is capable of total control of multiple walls through one Master PC.
In addition, the S-SF system can synchronize the position and size of video windows among walls of different sizes in real time and can place video windows seamlessly between multiple walls. Content can be positioned over the total canvas, overlapped and easily shared.



You can send messages to users who are logged in at that time. You can attach a window source to the message by simply drag and drop the window source to be attached from the Window Source List.
Reply  |  Display – On Wall  |  Display – On Desktop  |  Copy to Clipboard  |  Save message  |  Delete message



S-SF Software is a floating license product. Each software can be installed on more than one PC, but they can only be used simultaneously within the number of licenses. By installing S-SF Master on multiple PCs, the S-SF system can be made redundant.

With the various combinations of software that can be installed on the same computer your system configurations is very flexible and reduces cost of PC's needed. By using the extended desktop function, one Display Agent NUC PC can be connected up to *4 monitors.


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