Quick, Intuitive control over display wall and its source devices.

To get the best performance from your video wall you need software that gives you complete control over where, when and how your content is displayed. Along with managing the display wall itself, to be truly effective, your control needs to extend upstream to Control Room Softwareyour sources, switches and peripheral devices, no matter where they are located on the enterprise network.

Mitsubishi D-Wall software delivers all the control you need in one powerful package. The intuitive platform manages all aspects of the setup, configuration and daily use of the controller and Mitsubishi Video Wall products. Consisting of Server and Control components,  D-Wall software manages all the devices in the display wall system including the base computer. D-Wall Control can be installed on operator computers (D-Wall clients) providing them with an integrated, intuitive and totally reliable user interface.

D-Wall software supports IP camera streaming (multicasting) and can be also operated by a tablet.















The following features are available:

Administrator and Security Features

  • Operator control area: define areas of the display wall that each operator controls from his or her base computer
  • Common areas: administrators define where two or more operators can collaborate
  • Multi cursor-Cursor window Manager allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with applications on a computer and the display wall
  • Ticker window provides alert messages for operators
  • System monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Operator authorization via user names and passwords
  • Definable operator groups allow administrators to limit the functional roles and permissions of each operator
  • Brightness and color control

Operator Features

  • Drag and drop to place and size windows on the display wall
  • Wall layout previews allows operators to preview layouts  on a base computer before sending it to the wall
  • Open, display and collaborate on software applications installed on a base computer
  • Display screen images from computers on a VNC
  • Decode and view IP camera streams on the display wall, each within its own window
  • Multilingual interface allows each operator to choose the language used on his or her base computer
  • Can be operated by a tablet

Scheduling features

  • Adapt the display wall to the needs and preferences of each work shift
  • Change the display wall layout by day of the week, date and time
  • Include or not include specific input sources
  • Control hardware functions, including on/of