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Advanced Video Wall Control Technology
Identify, tag and manage mixed media sources using templates

Video wall deployments require a number of users to interact simultaneously with a large number of inputs across a multiple screens to get the data where they require 4Diamond Grid 10 provides users with the interface  required to quickly and effectively manage content that include video captures, IP streams and local applications.  Users are able to place any input source on any part of the Video Wall using a simple drag and drop operation. Precise positioning of each piece of content can be achieved through the mouse and keyboard, or via the revolutionary template tool. The Template Tool allows users to not only place their own templates across an entire wall which evenly distributes content but 4Diamond Grid 10 also allows users to apply a template to an individual window so multiple windows can be grouped together and moved as a single item. 4Diamond Grid 10 also introduces a tabbed interface that will allow a single user to seamlessly manage multiple video walls, users can see unique walls side by side to ensure continued smooth operation of walls.

Easy to use interface
4Diamond Grid 10 will allow any piece of content, whether  from a capture card, IP via the PC processor or an ActiveSQX card or local media to be placed in anywhere on a video wall. 4Diamond Grid 10 also allows administrators to deploy multiple unique videos walls from a single DG-X system. Using User Rights Management administrators can determine which users on their network can firstly access each wall and secondly determine what level of permission each user will have.  Restrictions can include the number of sources and layout files available to each user, which templates they can deploy and whether the desktop capture is available or not.















  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Template tool
  • User Rights Management
  • MultiWall
  • 4Diamond Grid Agent
  • IP decodes
  • Web Interface
  • Keyboard and Mouse (KVM) functionality
  • Advanced web page control 

Standard vs Pro

      4Diamond Grid 10 - Standard


      4Diamond Grid 10 - Pro


  • Quickly create complex templates
  • Easily identify sources
  • Manipulate sources using simple drag and drop functionality
  • Place any source in any window
  • Use up to eight IP SQX sources
  • View the wall in real-time
  • Create, save and recall layouts
  • Web Interface
  • Keyboard and Mouse (KVM) functionality
  • Advanced web page control 
  • MultiWall – multiple walls managed by a single user or interface
  • User Rights Management – registered users assigned differing access rights to walls
  • IP SQX sources - provides as many as the hardware will allow



Web Interface
The web interface allows users to connect to the video wall from any compatible browser. As long as the browser and the Datapath wall controller are on the same network, users are able to connect through a browser on their laptops, phones or tablets. Users can select which wall they wish to change and then will be presented with the available layouts.  The Web Interface is compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers. Systems administrators can also choose which walls can be accessed via the Web Interface, giving the ability to disable web access on sensitive walls.


Keyboard and Mouse (KVM) functionality gives 4Diamond Grid 10 operators the ability to manipulate sources from their workstations. In Command and Control environments, sources being captured may derive from unmanned workstations proces-sing data for display onto a wall. With 4Diamond Grid 10 software, operators can use their local keyboard and mouse to manipulate the remote machine. This allows high quality capture to be placed on a video wall, whilst the KVM is performed locally via an IP based 4DG Agent window.

WEYTEC Smart Touch multifunctional keyboard


Advanced Web Page Control
Advanced web page control gives operators the ability to view and manipulate web pages. The advanced functionality includes the auto-refresh of web pages allowing for up-to-the-minute monitoring, vertical and horizontal scroll ability to position the web page view, and a zoom function to focus only on the most important sections of a web page.


Multiple walls driven either by a single DG-X system or multiple systems can be viewed on a single 4Diamond Grid 10 interface or screen.  
Input sources such as Vision capture, IP decode or local media, will be automatically updated in the source list of the active wall. Users are able to add and remove content as necessary. Place any source in any window


NEW User Rights Management

Using the Windows domain, registered users can be assigned access rights on a per wall basis.  Individual roles can be granted differing permissions to affect  the changes that can be made to a given wall.






Unlimited IP SQX sources

4Diamond Grid 10 provides as many IP SQX sources as the installed hardware will allow.



Users are able to share application windows with one or more users in a group, including those running video walls.

The software allows simultaneous interactivity with the same application by multiple users. Any changes will be syschronised instantly, meaning updates are seen in real-time.

Typical sectors where Quant could be used include business collaboration, traffic management centres, manufacturing process control centres, utility service operations and security suites.
Learn more about Quand by downloading the brochure.