Mitsubishi's Diamond Vision IDT4 sets a new benchmark for ultra-high resolution LED screen quality.

The Diamond Vision IDT4 represents a dramatic step forward in indoor LED screen performance, as Mitsubishi's unique technologies deliver ultra-high resolution with perfect images, incredible contrast levels and pure, natural colours.

IDT4 features 3-in-1 LEDs at a true 4.00 mm pitch, delivering a physical resolution of 62,487 pixels per square metre with minimum viewing distance reduced to just 1 meter.  IDT4 also offers extremely wide viewing angles with no colour shift at wider viewing angles.

Mitsubishi's mechanical design offers you the flexibility to create a screen to suit your size requirements, and deliver seamless images without alignment problems or distracting mullions as inherent in other technologies. The module construction makes installation easy with pre-assembled and framed panels to fit within your chosen location.

Mitsubishi's unique Colour Space Conversion - which allows chromaticity and luminance to be adjusted independently - provides excellent, natural colour rendition and combines with the true black of our ultra high-contrast screen face to stunning effect.

For any indoor application where image quality cannot be compromised, Mitsubishi's IDT4 is the ideal choice.
















  • Indoor use
  • Pixel pitch 4 mm
  • 1,500 cd/m²
  • Viewing distance > 1m
  • Extreme viewing angle with no colour shift
  • High reliability



LED module


Indoor use

Pixel arrangement

3 in1 SMD pure colour

Pixel pitch

4 mm

Minimum viewing distance

> 1 m


1,500 cd/m² (black package)

Lifetime to 50% brightness

50.000 hr

Viewing angle

Vertical +/- 70° / Horizontal +/- 75°

Service access

Front and rear


CE mark