Mitsubishi's Diamond Vision IDT10 LED screen offers superb image clarity and uniformity at an extremely affordable price for indoor fixed installation applications, whether displaying video, graphics or text.

For indoor installations where a larger screen size or longer viewing distance is required, IDT10 is the ideal choice. At 10 mm pixel pitch, Mitsubishi's unique black matrix gives the IDT10 a phenomenal contrast level, showing deep black and superb colours as a result.  The screen is rated accurately at 2,000 cd/m², which is ample for most indoor applications out of full, direct sunlight. IDT10 offers excellent viewing angles both horizontally and vertically, and colour integrity is maintained throughout the viewing cone - an important factor for commercial and sports applications.

With colours resolved exceptionally close the screen with Mitsubishi's own 3in1 pixel design, the minimum viewing distance is surprisingly short. Mitsubishi's proprietary electrical and mechanical design represents a dramatic step forward in indoor LED screen performance, as our unique technologies deliver unfaltering uniformity, seamless images and unrivalled reliability. The construction is sturdy and robust, yet lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, so integrating IDT10 into any environment should be very straightforward.  Service access for maintenance is available from the front and the rear, giving you more flexibility to choose your screen location and enclosure design. The IDT10 is set to continue as the preferred choice for indoor applications where quality must not be sacrificed, even though pixel resolution and screen size may be dictated by local conditions.
















  • Indoor use
  • Pixel pitch 10 mm
  • 2,000 cd/m²
  • Viewing distance > 4m
  • Extreme viewing angle with no colour shift



LED module


Indoor use

Pixel arrangement

3 in1 SMD pure colour

Pixel pitch

10 mm

Minimum viewing distance

> 4 m


2,000 cd/m²

Lifetime to 50% brightness

50.000 hr

Viewing angle

Vertical +/- 75° / Horizontal +/- 75°

Service access

Front and rear


CE mark