With the introduction of our new flagship WE120 series LED video wall cubes, we have further expanded our format display wall line up to meet the increased demand from the market and to enhance our ability to propose  tailor-made solutions that suit diversified customer applications.

With over 93,000 displays installed worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric DLP video wall is the perfect example for high performance and solid reliability. Pushing those boundaries even further, Mitsubishi’s next generation 120 Series displays deliver not just outstanding performance but impressively low total cost of ownership, thanks to its virtual zero-maintenance design. With an average lifetime of up to 130,000 hours, equal to more than 15 years of operation, Mitsubishi Electric video wall cubes are designed and built to meet the most demanding requirements of the end user.

The latest addition to the range is the WE120, available in WUXGA (16:10) or Full HD (16:9) resolution. WE120 offers an average lifetime of up to 130,000 hours continuous operation. Mitsubishi’s proprietary air-cooled projection engine requires no routine maintenance, making it extremely cost-effective.

The LED light source offers 6X redundancy for total reliability and delivers a brightness up to 1160 cd/m2. Four preset brightness modes allow the optimum balance of performance and energy efficiency in a wide variety of applications. 120 Series displays include advanced Smart 7 features to ensure accurate color and brightness balance is maintained across the entire video wall automatically. Digital graduation and color space control ensure excellent screen uniformity and perfect color reproduction. To even further enhance the systems redundancy, an optional redundant power supply is available.

Integration is simplified thanks to the DisplayPort™ 1.2a, real 4K (3840x2160) high resolution images can be displayed through daisy chain. Versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of an Intel™ OPS slot, making 120 Series displays ideal for Pro-IP based systems.

The 60WE120U is our 60” Full HD rear access maintenance model which comes with a standard black stripe screen. This model is also available as a front access maintenance model.












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Color Space Control Circuit
To compensate for the color and brightness inconsistencies on video wall cubes, Mitsubishi Electric has developed an original Color Space Control Circuit that balances and blends colors.The ratios of each primary color (Red/Green/Blue) and other color mixtures are adjusted to provide consistent color blending and superior uniformity on multi-screen configurations.

Without Color Space Control           With Color Space Control

Digital Gradation Circuit
Loss of brightness at the screen edges is no longer a problem owing to Mitsubishi Electric's innovative digital gradation circuit. The brightness is distributed evenly across the screen, ensuring the reproduction of sharp, vivid images from edge to edge on multi-screen configurations.

Without Digital Gradiation                 With Digital Gradiation

Smart 7 Smart7 Intelligence


Screen size

60 "


Full HD

1920x1080 pixels

Aspect ratio





1160cd/m²@Bright Mode, 820cd/m²@Normal Mode, 550cd/m²@Eco Mode, 210cd/m²@Advanced Eco Mode

Contrast ratio

1500 :1

Light source

Redundant LED (RGB)

Light source lifetime

Average lifetime of up to 130,000 hours

Control signal input

RS232C: D-Sub 9pins, LAN: RJ45 x 1, D-Sub 9 pins x 2 (input, output) Mitsubishi original control Link, Wire remote: F3.5 Jack, IR Receiver

Input board slot

Digital/Analog RGB: DVI-I(DVI 1.0/HDCP) x1 Digital RGB: DVI-D (DVI 1.0/HDCP) x1 DisplayPort (DP1.2a) x2 (input, output)

Power consumption

77W@Advanced Eco Mode (typ.) / 97W@Eco Mode (typ.) / 137@Normal Mode (typ.) / 225W@Bright Mode (typ.)

Thermal dissipation

263 BTU/h@Advanced Eco Mode / 331 BTU/h@Eco Mode / 468 BTU/h@Normal Mode / 768 BTU/h@Bright Mode

Operating current

3.3 / 1.4 Amp

Cooling System

Air cooling system with efficient cooling pipe and aluminum plate (No liquid)

Optional Accessories

Optional Power Supply S-WE120RPWR / Remote control unit R-XL51TX / SDI input board DP-1SDI-3G / LED unit S-WE120LE / 6-Axis Adjusment tool S-A70E / Mirror Adjustment tool S-MA70E

Optional Slot

Intel OPS slot x1