New Products (February 2014)

Mitsubishi Electric launched LED upgrade engines and new control room LCD panels at ISE2014 (February 2014)

Mitsubishi Electric launched LED upgrade engines and new control room LCD panels at ISE2014

Operators of conventionally-lit Mitsubishi Electric Display Wall systems can now upgrade to the latest LED lighting technology without having to replace their entire system.

Mitsubishi Electric unveiled three new LED-illuminated DLP™ cube engines for the first time in Europe at ISE 2014. The latest additions to its Seventy Series control room displays range are designed to enable existing customers to upgrade legacy mercury lamp-based Display Wall systems to the latest high-brightness LED technology. The new products are a direct, slot-in replacement for the older technology but are based on exactly the same architecture to ensure 100% compatibility with existing systems. As well as benefiting from the latest high brightness LED performance, and in some cases increased resolution, current customers will be able to dramatically extend the lifespan of their existing Display Wall systems while greatly reducing the cost of ownership.


The VS-XE73RU replaces XGA lamp-based engines for Mitsubishi’s XL20/XL21 and XL50 series cubes. The VS-PE73RU replaces XGA lamp-based engines with SXGA+ LED-based engines and is designed for the XL/20/XL21 and XL50 series. Not only does this enable upgrade to LED lighting, but also to higher resolution. Finally, the VS-PE78RU can replace SXGA+ lamp based engines with SXGA+ LED based engines for the PH40 and PH50 series.

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LED lighting offers significant advantages over conventionally-lit Display Wall systems employing mercury lamps. Mitsubishi Electric’s LED cubes employ a unique air-cooled lighting element, which, unlike the liquid-cooling employed in some other manufacturer’s products, requires no moving parts and no maintenance for its entire 80,000 hour lifespan. Specially designed fan packs rated for 100,000 hours of continuous use mean that a Mitsubishi Electric LED cube wall can be expected to deliver over 9 years of 24/7 operation without further maintenance or replacement parts. Removing the need to replace expensive mercury lamps represents a considerable cost saving, as well as other benefits such as reducing environmental impact.


The latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric LED cubes offer screen brightnesses up to 1420cd/m² and contrast ratios up to 1600:1, making them ideal for the majority of control room applications. The colour performance of LED is a considerable improvement on conventional mercury illumination. Along with a generally improved image, more accurate colour performance makes it easier for operators to distinguish between the different coloured graphics frequently employed in control room displays, reducing operator fatigue and the likelihood of errors. Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Colour Space Control and innovative digital graduation feature ensure superb, edge-to-edge colour and brightness uniformity across the entire screen.


Mitsubishi Electric showed also new 55” and 46” LCD displays for the first time in Europe at ISE 2014. The L55P1 and L46P1 are superior specification LCD displays designed specifically for demanding high-end tiled applications such as control rooms. A variant of the 55” model, the L55S1, offers the same high performance but is designed to be a cost-effective alternative in less demanding applications such as breakout rooms, signage or remote monitoring. All the new super narrow bezel (SNB) models offer Full HD performance, LED backlighting and a host of advanced features such as an Intel OPS slot and compatibility with AMX Device Discovery™ and Crestron RoomView™ systems. All Mitsubishi Electric LCD displays are designed for high usage applications and can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. Up to 700cd/m² brightness and 3500:1 contrast combined with anti-reflective screens ensure excellent visibility in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions. The LED backlight delivers an average lifespan of 50,000 hours continuous, maintenance-free operation.


Based around a similar “Smart 7”concept to its Seventy Series DLP Display Wall cubes, the P1 versions feature Mitsubishi Electric’s digital graduation circuitry which ensures even brightness and contrast across the entire display, while an innovative proprietary colour space control balances minor colour differences between displays. Screens of up to 5 x 5 can be created with built-in mullion compensation to ensure accurate display geometry is maintained. HDMI and DisplayPort inputs are also provided in the P1 versions, along with D-Sub and composite/component and an SDI option. All models are also able to accept DVI inputs. Up to four displays can be daisy-chained to create a single, fully digital display. The P1 and S1 models feature dual built-in speakers and a wealth of other capabilities such as picture-in-picture and sophisticated power management.

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